WEDNESDAY, Jan 25, 2022 | 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

At this time of year we often set ambitious life and business goals. We could all use a reminder of the things to focus on to help us stick to our goals and objectives.

Join us for a Wisdom Exchange conversation with fitness and lifestyle coach for executives and entrepreneurs Marcus Mackay, as he shares how you can move from “survival mode” to “thrive mode” so you can get the most out of life and business.

We will discuss:

  • How you create and sustain high performance habits
  • Why you should focus on identity formation instead of goal setting
  • Why and how health is so crucial to building wealth
  • How you build a business doing what you love
  • What gets in the way of what you most want to achieve

Many of us have the best intentions around our health goals. Marcus has helped thousands of people achieve the body they love. 


Marcus Mackay
Health & Fitness Coach
M Perform


Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor
Founder & CEO

The Covenant Group

Keita Demming

Keita Demming, PhD
Development & Innovation
The Covenant Group