Build the right team to drive performance.

We help you create alignment and accountability across your team to meet short and long term objectives and improve performance.

To build an effective team, every team member must understand their role, role relationships and policies that define accountability and authority. Each team member is fully engaged in a collaborative effort to achieve the desired outputs and objectives of the team.

The Covenant Group address both the dynamics and mechanics required to build a high performing team. Dynamics deal with the motivational factors, both internal and external, that impact performance. Mechanics address the “How to’s” of managing performance in a team based environment.

We tailor the learning experience to align intention, process, and measurement.

Our programs combine online and in-person coaching sessions to reduce the cost for participants and involve monthly touch-points to create accountability around the desired results.

If you are looking to transform your team, we are ready to help.

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Whether your goal is to make more money, gain more enjoyment in your work or build a sustainable business. We can help you develop powerful strategies and tactics to achieve your vision.

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