The best form of Marketing is still Word of Mouth. For example, most people chose their financial advisor through Social Inclusion. Their advisor is someone they know in their Social Circle, or someone who is introduced to them by someone they know.

As a financial advisor, you can double your revenue by:

  • Selling more of the people you know (those who are part of your Social Circle).
  • Selling more to the people you know (your clients & their family members).
  • Getting introductions to people who fit your Ideal Client Profile from clients, centres of influence (COI) and others in your Social Circle.

Dean Harder is a financial advisor who has embraced The Covenant Group’s (TCG) systems, processes and approaches that drive revenue and measurable results. Dean continues to grow his revenue year over year by focusing on the people he knows and the people they know.

65% of Dean‘s revenue comes from TCG’s Periodic Review Process. This process takes a common thing, a client review and integrates Marketing, Sales and Client Service. It is an example of doing a common thing uncommonly well.

Dean continues to grow his revenue year over year by focusing on the people he knows and the people they know.

The Periodic Review Process enables Dean to provide exemplary service, make additional sales and obtain introductions to qualified people in the client’s Social Circle.

The Periodic Review Process takes a client service initiative and elevates it to an opportunity to deepen and broaden the relationship with the client. Utilizing a focused and disciplined approach, Dean earns the right to solve more problems for clients through his products and services and leverage the resultant goodwill to obtain introductions.

Dean is a master of selling more of the people he knows. Most of Dean’s clients were first and foremost friends before they became clients.

Dean has also embraced selling to the Whole Family Constellation. He has clients who are the children and grandchildren of valued clients. Dean’s ideal client is an individual or couple five to twelve years from retirement. Typically, they will have children and grandchildren. Often, they have aging parents.

Dean helps his clients spend, enjoy and share their wealth. He serves the whole family wealth constellation. This leads to siblings, children, grandchildren, even parents becoming clients.

Dean has become a Trusted Advisor to his clients. The majority of his clients willingly introduce, recommend and refer him to people in their Social Circle.

You too, can double your revenue within two degrees of separation.

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