With the ever-increasing accessibility of all things media – online newspapers, image-centric social media platforms, smartphones that can take better pictures than some cameras and more – it seems our culture is becoming more visual. No matter what your industry, there is a place for visuals in your marketing mix.

Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest may not immediately seem applicable when advertising and promoting your products or services. However, they can add a new angle to marketing strategies and may expose your business to new markets.

In another post, “Using Pinterest for Financial Services,” I discussed how the visually focused format requires a different approach compared to other social networking sites. However, it can still be useful for sharing your printed marketing materials, relevant infographics or quick tips. Entrepreneurs tap this site in order to design various boards that appeal to ideal clients’ lifestyles. Also consider building boards that speak to your strengths and highlight why your clients/customers should look to your business for what they need.

Incorporating images into the rest of your marketing content can also improve its marketing effectiveness. An infographic from MDG Advertising explains the power of visuals, pointing out that when an article has an accompanying image that is relevant to the topic, it will receive an average of 94 percent more views. Additionally, adding photos, video and other media can help your press releases and materials generate more views.

The company also uncovered a correlation between local search success and the inclusion of image and photo search engine optimization. With 60 percent of responding consumers saying they are more likely to choose a business that has images in its local listing, it seems that using photos, video and other media is no longer an option, it’s imperative.

Marketing can appeal to more than just sight. While articles, direct mail and infographics may draw eyes, podcasts and seminars can engage clients’ and prospects’ hearing. To engage all the senses, consider hosting luncheons and other events that gather your target audience in one room and offer them valuable insight on a topic of interest. In this way, you will not only be spreading awareness of your business, but will also be proving that you understand how to engage with different audiences and that you work to make sure people learn via their chosen platforms. You will add value for prospects that they won’t find anywhere else.