In any business, it’s important to accept that there will be times when you or your employees will have a dissatisfied client. But the way you manage disgruntled clients and how you come out on the other end is what differentiates you from other firms in the industry.

Your employees’ ability to manage challenging client situations is based on your hiring decisions and how you manage your team. Having a genuine client-centric attitude is an important component of client relationship management, and can be extremely helpful in working through a difficult situation and maintaining the client through the conflict. Additionally, showing your appreciation of and investment in your team members will likely make them more enthusiastic about their jobs and willing to do what it takes to meet your and your clients’ expectations.

Thorough employee training and management have a major impact on your company’s ability to perform, as well as your revenue. It is important to provide your employees with the necessary resources to deal with the various demands of their jobs. This will not only empower them to take on and conquer any task that comes their way, but may also prove that you care about their work experience and want them to succeed.

We’ve talked before on this blog about catching your employees when they’re doing something right and rewarding them when they’ve taken initiative. I want to reemphasize the importance of giving your team members feedback that is specific and frequent. This will help them learn more from their experiences and apply those lessons the next time they face a similar situation.

How do you prepare your employees to deal with a variety of client issues? Do they have the foundational resources and knowledge to fulfill your company’s mission while tackling relationship management challenges?

Don’t discount the impact that proper employee selection and training can have on your client relationship management efforts. Employee fulfillment and satisfaction will be apparent in the quality of their work, and your clients will also pick up on this. Enthusiasm is contagious, and a happy workforce will have a beneficial effect on the level of service you deliver.