Webinar Boom

Startup businesses typically enter the market with no reputation or credibility to stand on. As a result, entrepreneurs must establish themselves and their company as a legitimate brand and resource for information. Online marketing provides a company with ample opportunities to demonstrate expertise in an industry, to engage more clients, and to capture increased market share at minimal expense. Webinars are a valuable tool for entrepreneurs on a tight budget, allowing for company experts or third party professionals to speak about a product, service or industry trend in an informative, educational video. The information shared on a webinar can be distributed through a variety of channels and quickly increase company credibility.

When creating a webinar, Entrepreneur recommends following a few steps to ensure the footage stands out from the competition and delivers a clear message to boost an online reputation. At the start of a webinar, it should be clearly laid out what the goals of the experience will be and the benefits to the viewer. This hook statement can engage clients quickly so they are more likely to watch the footage from start to finish.

Webinars should then provide comprehensive information from one or several experts who deliver their statements in a clear tone and with enthusiasm in their voices. Just as an in-person presentation must avoid putting the audience to sleep, webinar efforts must work harder to maintain the viewer’s attention while speaking through a small screen. The pitches or claims being made in the webinar presentation should be delivered with confidence, and constant reminders of what the viewer stands to gain from the information should be stated outright. Webinars should be laid out as outlines of steps, guidelines or tips so viewers understand what they should be learning or how it will impact their lives or purchasing decisions.

Don’t underestimate the value of online footage to both engage and inform target audiences.