As the New Year gets underway, marketing is front and center in most of your minds. How can you make 2014 your best year to date? How can you draw more people into your funnel, through your pipeline and, ultimately, into the buying cycle?

Ted Wernham has been focused on these two questions (on top of many others). He has quadrupled his revenue in the last 2 years while working with The Covenant Group by refining and refreshing his marketing strategy.

Ted is an ideal client. A student of improvement, Ted is always looking for systems and methods to improve the outcome of his firm’s activities. He carves out at least an hour a day in overview. As he says, “Part of my work is not TO DO for the sake of doing. Part of my work is to REVIEW for the sake of DOING BETTER.”

What is Wernham Wealth doing?

  • Two radio programs – Ask The Experts and The Building Wealth radio programs. Each are available via podcast.
  • Quarterly educational seminars.
  • Newsletter to clients and prospects.
  • Building presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Working to blog consistently throughout the year.
  • Client Segmentation.
  • Periodic reviews and client satisfaction surveys.
  • Client appreciation events throughout the year. 
  • Community engagement to support local groups and events, demonstrating their longstanding commitment to community development.

The Wernham team is working to create a unique experience for their clients – moving beyond the benefit of their expertise and advice to building a community for their clients and their client’s needs.

Ted is very optimistic about the future. “There are more opportunities than ever before to attract clients – with more channels to fill your pipeline, each with far broader reach than there has been for this business in the past, and at a much lower cost.” Ask yourself; “What are you doing to draw people into your pipeline?” Don’t be afraid to experiment with new activities – whether trying a new event, seminar, survey, podcast, mailing or building out your LinkedIn. As Ted highlights, “Too many individuals fail to proceed with an activity.” Stop wasting time Ted encourages, “Just do it.”

You should be able to come up with a list of at least 4 activities for your internal marketing – activities targeted at existing clients – and 4 activities for your external marketing – activities targeted at your ideal client. Remember, you can’t be all things to ALL people, but you need to be all things to the RIGHT people. Each activity you implement must also have goals attached so that you can measure the outcome and effectiveness of your efforts and decide whether to refine or replace the activity.

We have helped Ted’s firm to define, refine and refresh how it integrates and implements marketing, sales, and service initiatives. As Ted explains, “The major improvement is that we now have the focus necessary to leverage and refine our activities. Systems have now been condensed – we are doing better, more of the right things. I am only doing what only I can do, and working to delegate the rest to provide more focus and productivity in our firm. It’s always an art to us – we will get better by looking at what works and trimming what doesn’t.”

Now, examine your own marketing strategy and the activities that comprise it to see how you can refine and refresh them to make 2014 a great year!