Vince D’Addona has given a great deal of thought to answering three important questions in building his business:

  1. Who is the Right Client?
  2. What is the Right Value Proposition?
  3. What is the Right Exchange of Value (Right Price)?

In Vince’s case, the Right Client is a high net worth (HNW) individual or family. Typically, the client is an entrepreneur or successful executive. Vince has been working with high net worth clients for three decades. He has an in-depth understanding of their needs, wants, and values. His intimate knowledge of their issues and concerns, coupled with his expertise creates instant credibility and establishes confidence with prospective clients and their professional advisors.

For Vince, the Right Value Proposition is his expertise in addressing what is important to high net worth clients. Wisdom is the discerning use of knowledge. Vince recognizes that the people who buy from him do not need life insurance. However, what they want is to use their wealth in the most effective and efficient manner. They also value advice from smart people who have expertise that is valuable to them. Vince uses logic to illustrate the effective use of life insurance to create, protect and preserve wealth. In this way, he gives SOMETHING that his clients and prospects want and value – the effective use of their wealth to achieve what is important in their lives.

From Vince’s prospective, his knowledge and expertise in dealing with the complexities of high net worth clients are the most valuable assets he can offer other advisors and their clients. Vince works collaboratively with financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys to provide significant value to their most successful clients. The right exchange of value is that the other advisors bring greater value to their most important relationships. As a result, everyone wins.

The best advisors use their innate characteristics to create a value proposition that will address what is really important to their clients and stakeholders. Vince D’Addona is a wise man who is passionate about helping smart & successful people make better financial decisions. Selling is easy when you stop selling and give people what they want and value.