One of the distinguishing characteristics of Ellis & Associates Wealth Management, an investment advisory team with Richardson GMP, is the team’s commitment to Client Engagement. They recognize the difference between an engaged client and one who is satisfied. Engaged clients are your evangelists. The Ellis team recognizes that delivering an exceptional client experience, achieving client satisfaction, and obtaining referrals and introductions are critical items to build metrics around in order to ascertain the level of client engagement. However, the underlining theme that connects all of the processes around maintaining meaningful relationships with clients is TRUST. 

For William Ellis, building trust characterizes Ellis & Associates’ overall client engagement strategy. To build trust, he actively listens to clients and works to understand their overall needs, wants, and values. This goes beyond financial management to understanding what drives a client’s behavior and how he can help them achieve their objectives. William and his team want to make sure their clients and prospects do not feel like they are being sold just another product. The Covenant Group has worked alongside the team to build systems and processes that are consistent and continuously add value to their clients. William understands that the front end work to build trust will drive long term loyalty.

We have helped Ellis & Associates better prepare and plan for meetings. Before every meeting, the team at Ellis & Associates will go through the procedures of trust to ensure the achievement of 3Es: ENGAGEMENT, EXPLANATION, and EXPECTATION CLARITY. After each meeting, they review a post-meeting checklist. When meeting with prospects, he asks them to bring their partner or spouse to the meeting in order to discuss their goals and what money means to each of them. He asks questions of each of them in order to make them feel at ease.

We emphasize to our clients that we live in an experience economy. It is important to remember that providing clients with the opportunity to participate in activities that are meaningful to them facilitates engagement. The Ellis team hosts client events that address areas of real importance to clients. Recently, the team was involved in bringing Dr. Lee Hausner to Toronto to present on the relational aspects of money management in families. To inform and educate clients, you must keep contacting and interacting with them and provide meaningful learning experiences for them. The Ellis team views client relationships multi-generationally. They work with the children and grandchildren of clients, as well as parents and sometimes, even grandparents. William works with all generations of his clients to provide new opportunities and educate them on wealth stewardship and transition. In this way, he creates and adds value in the relationships with clients.

Once trust is established, client relationship management can be integrated with marketing and sales. William utilizes his client relationship management system, social media – such as LinkedIn, Twitter and an email newsletter – to share quotes, demonstrate thought leadership, and share content that is relevant to clients in order to deepen the relationship. Through well thought out and executed procedural trust, the Ellis team engages clients and consistently obtains introductions, recommendations and referrals.