When you are a business builder, you likely have a lot of goals and dreams for the future of the organization. However, keeping those aspirations a secret will not result in any change. Entrepreneurs may be independent people, but they cannot achieve great feats alone. In order to turn your one-, three- and 10-year goals into a reality, you will need to gather a team of employees and supporters and share your vision with them.

How to get your teams excited
The business cliche that “money talks” is a glib and outdated statement, especially when it comes to motivating employees. Yes, team members may be more likely to put in extra hours on a project or work overtime if they think it will result in some kind of profit share or holiday bonus. However, for burgeoning businesses that don’t have the resources to reward everyone with a higher paycheck, it will be necessary to seek out alternative forms of motivation.

If the vision you have for your business is closely intertwined with a particular value or ideal, it is wise to surround yourself with individuals who also care about that issue. Being united through idealism is one of the best ways to inspire people to act and remain focused on a particular goal.

For businesses that have more materialistic products or missions that are difficult for employees to connect with on an emotional level, other rewards systems and motivational tactics may be needed. Does your organization have a clear hierarchical structure and a defined career ladder? If so, consider outlining to employees how the completion of certain tasks and benchmarks can help them develop more skills and grow to a higher position within your company. A small gesture such as hosting a dinner party for your team can also prove to them how much you appreciate their work.

I cannot think of a single person who likes busywork. If you do not explain to your team why you want to undertake a certain project or how you plan to achieve a new sales target, there is little chance that they will do any more than the bare minimum to complete the task. Remember, employees will follow people with passion. If you demonstrate your dedication to your mission, your team is more likely to put out the same amount of energy. Enthusiasm is contagious, after all.