Everyone agrees that process improves entrepreneurial business outcomes. Whether you want to build a large organization or just a small steady engine producing great cash flows, the process The Covenant Group teaches, and the Coach on the Go platform, will make your outcomes larger, more predictable, and more consistent. From time to time though we need to inject a little fun, so here is an idea. 

In every client transaction there is a buyer and a seller. Let me just assume for a moment you have done all of the proper fact finding and the solution you have, whatever your business is, is the perfect outcome for the client. Most of the time there is agreement and you go forward, but sometimes there is a bit of hesitation and your client cannot quite see themselves in the solution you have provided. Here is where the fun happens. 

A hair salon has a software program which allows the stylist to change a person’s hair “look” simply by showing their face with the new hairdo. The beauty with this approach is the client does not have to live with the “bad” hair cut until the hair grows back in.

A car dealer found great success when he installed a one-way mirror in his showroom. People from the outside could look in and see all of the automobiles on display, but people on the inside saw themselves sitting in the car in front of the mirror. The dealer called this area his ‘hot spot’ because everything he put there sold in days.

If you are selling an intangible, placing someone in the position where they can see themselves owning the product is more difficult, or is it? In my life insurance practice I often run an illustration. If I am demonstrating how the illustration fits the clients needs in different ways I put the illustration in the clients hands. Typically, the client puts the paperwork down and I pick it up and suggest they hold it in their hands because it belongs to them and no one can take it away. Then I carry on with the dialogue, occasionally pointing at the paper in their hands as I describe how the life policy impacts their family or business or both. Usually I find the client does not put the paperwork down. They see themselves as now owning the idea and want to hang on to the paperwork. Everyone asks the question, “Can I keep this?” The solution is now real to them. They can see themselves owning what the insurance provides them.

In your business find a way for people to see themselves owning your solution and they will be asking to buy, and bring the fun back into the process. As always we are here to support you in any way we can, even by helping you have more fun in your process.