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Michelle leads Deloitte Canada’s Family Enterprise Consulting practice, working with family businesses, family offices and wealthy families on issues of governance and generational transitions. As an advisor and facilitator, Michelle helps her clients to define their goals, improve communication and establish the structures, practices, and relationships required to achieve lasting success across generations.

Committed to the whole family as the client, Michelle draws from a broad range of disciplines and practices, blending systems thinking with traditional consulting frameworks, to help families navigate the complexities of wealth and family dynamics.

Michelle’s passion for surfacing new opportunities and possibilities extends from her work to her support of non-profit initiatives. She is the vice chair of the Family Enterprise Xchange, a Canadian organization that seeks to empower enterprising families and their advisors, and a board member of SeeChange Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes a Community First method that leverages the unique skills, knowledge and will of marginalized communities to transform humanitarian emergency response.

For several years, Michelle has been a member of the Perimeter Institute’s Emmy Noether Council, which aims to foster women in theoretical and mathematical physics.

With now more than 30 years of business and investment banking experience in North America, Europe, and Africa, Michelle’s professional career began as a lecturer in tax at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She holds a BCom in accounting, from the University of Natal, and a BCom Hons. in financial management, and a post-graduate diploma in accounting from the University of Cape Town. She is a Chartered Accountant, a UK Certified Securities Dealer, and is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor in Canada.


Michelle Osry

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