Networks are a primary source of wealth creation. How do you build a network that allows you to thrive in business and in life? 

Let me give you an example of how networking and netweaving help one of our clients, Mike Flux, thrive in business and in life. Mike is a very successful investment counsellor, Portfolio Manager with Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd. Mike and his team manage over $1B in assets for individuals, families and foundations, and CC&L Private Capital as a firm manages over $10B. Mike helps his clients to build pension-caliber investment portfolio that can include a full range or traditional, specialty and alternative asset classes; including possible focus on ESG and responsible investing. 

Mike started his career in financial services as a wholesaler for a major mutual fund company. Networking is critical to success in the role. Mike is a natural networker. Even though he was very successful in the role, Mike was looking for something more entrepreneurial with an opportunity to be an owner, so he transitioned into his current role at CC&L Private Capital. 

Mike used his networking skills to partner with high performing financial advisors and become their “go to” resource for investment management with affluent and ultra-affluent clients. Since then, his network has become far reaching, across broader business, investment and philanthropic communities. Beyond his ability to network, what really sets Mike apart is Netweaving.

I was first introduced to the concept of Netweaving by Bob Littell.

For Bob, Netweaving is “all about creating trusted relationships by connecting people with someone whom they would benefit from meeting. It is about providing people with valuable resources.” 

Networking is often viewed as: “What can you do for me?” 

Netweaving is about: “What can I do for you?

Mike Flux is passionate about making a difference. Through networking and netweaving, he is able to impact the lives of so many people. One example is Mike’s commitment to giving back. Mike has given his time and money to support many charitable organizations and initiatives. He partners with financial advisors and business leaders to support charitable organizations. 

Mike also loves the private equity space, and has built a solid network in the PE and venture community. He utilizes this network to help business owners access the desired and much needed expansion and succession capital for their businesses. Mike has found a path to integrating his personal and business passions, so can be even more helpful to his clients, and spend more of his time doing what he loves.

When you become known as a Networker and Netweaver, you increase your “Power of Attraction“. People are drawn to those whom they view as generous in spirit. 

When you netweave, you make others the centre of the experience. It is about them. 

Not surprisingly, people want to give back to those whom they see as givers.

The important lesson is that to thrive in business and in life, you have to both network and netweave.