The Covenant Group’s Business Builder programs demonstrate the importance of building your business. Not only in regards to growing your client list and revenue, but also professional growth – adding more products to your value offerings, developing expertise and constantly increasing the value you present to your clients.

In my book The Business Builder, I talk about the importance of expansion and how you must define your company before you can grow it. You must first lay out your vision to determine where your company is going and then identify your mission – Why are you doing this? What purpose do you wish to serve? When you identify that mission, you have to live up to it and make sure that everything you and your team members do satisfies that promise.

Values serve as the driving force behind your business, pushing you to continue working toward your goals and striving for expansion. As I wrote in the Business Builder, “It is not what you say that demonstrates what you value; it is what you do.”

Finally, as a Business Builder, you must always be on the lookout for business opportunities. Ask yourself how you can provide added value to clients through additional sales and excellent client service. What do you do well now, and how can you improve upon it? Where are your weaknesses? What would it take to turn those into strengths?

Listen to your clients and find out the needs they have that you may not be addressing. Talk to prospects about what they want. Find out why those who decided not to buy from you made that choice. Offering more comprehensive services that appeal to a wide range of people – and that fulfil your vision, mission and values – can help you grow your business.