Helping people is at the core of everything Murray Neilson does. A value is a thing or condition people act upon to get and to keep. A value is a vector, a direction with a force. The two most important indicators of what people value are how they spend their time and their money. 

As a partner and financial advisor with Nicola Wealth, Murray and his team work with successful entrepreneurs, executives and professionals. Achieving financial success allows people to spend their time and money on what matters – fulfillment for themselves and the people and causes they care about.

An important aspect of Murray’s work and life is philanthropy. One of the charities in which Murray is deeply involved is the International Justice Mission (IJM). The purpose of the organization is to free women in developing countries from the sex and slavery trade. 

Murray and his capable associate, Debbie Preissl, work closely with Ms Anu Canjanathoppil, the head of IJM Canada. Anu came to Canada in 2010. She is passionate about ending violence towards women. 

IJM is now rescuing thousands of women from the slave trade. The organization has been instrumental in changing laws that protect perpetrators and victimize women. ‘This has led to perpetrators being held accountable.

Ending violence is a solution to ending poverty. Anu came to Canada to help make Canada a global leader in bringing justice for women in the developing world. 

Through their efforts, Murray and Debbie have raised 3.0 million dollars for IJM Canada. They are doing their part to make a difference in the lives of thousands of women and their families.

It is not simply what people say that tells you what they value. It is what they do. In his work and life, Murray is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Generosity of spirit is a defining characteristic of those who are truly philanthropic