In my last blog, I described how we worked with Joel to develop the Mission Statement for his business: “Financial Security Through Informed Decision Making.” Let’s review the four fundamentals in preparing your Mission Statement.

  1. Start with the benefit to the client – Joel’s Mission Statement highlights the benefit to the clients of his firm, “We help our clients achieve financial security through informed decision making.”
  2. Define yourself – Joel and his partners are educators. They view their role as providing their clients with the information and knowledge they require in order to make informed decisions.
  3. Differentiate yourself – The partners take the time to understand each client’s situation and objectives. Rather than simply providing solutions, they engage in a dialogue to ensure the client fully understands what is required to achieve their objectives and the options available to them.
  4. Keep it simple – In communication, as in architecture, less is more. There is a wonderful simplicity in combining financial security and informed decision making.

Appealing to the other person’s aspirations

A good Mission Statement should leave the other person hungry to know more about what you do. When they respond “Tell me more about that,” they are giving you permission to begin developing a relationship with them. Most people have an aspiration to be financially secure. When you appeal to their aspirations, you unlock powerful emotions that can take your relationship with them to a much deeper level.