Helping people thrive is at the center of everything that Ted Oyler does. Ted has been a Covenant Group client since 2008. Over the years, we have seen Ted grow personally and professionally. One of the qualities that contribute to Ted’s success is the generosity of spirit. Ted is a giver and a natural connector. He has a gift for bringing people together for a common cause. 

We are all motivated to do what we are motivated to do. Ted is motivated to make a difference in the lives of others. This desire to help others has led to a high level of community engagement.

Ted feels blessed to have built a financial advisory business over 30 years. He has moved from success & sustainability in his business to significance. His success in business has provided him with the time & money to make a difference in the lives of others.

Being involved in financial services, Ted has learned a great deal about individual needs & community needs. Ted has used his position in his church & community to educate people about how they can give to the community. The church expanded the building at a cost of $3.500,000 & paid it off in eight years. Even in the Pandemic year, the church paid $1,000,000 towards the debt. Ted organized fundraising events. His family donated time & money to support the church expansion. 

Ted is motivated to make a difference in the lives of others. This desire to help others has led to a high level of community engagement.

All of Ted’s community engagement includes time & money. Ted has been involved with the local hospital fundraising for over ten years. An important initiative was raising money for the Cancer Pavilion. It is a wing specifically for cancer patients & their treatment. This was a three-year commitment. This undertaking was particularly important to Ted. Both of his parents died from cancer. 

There have been a series of initiatives to raise money for the hospital. The annual golf tournament raised over $100,000. Ted helps find sponsors & also contributes his time & money to the tournament. He has sponsored the same team for the last ten years. Ted says that he is not a great golfer, but he can put together a great team.

ZIP 168 is a group of Collateral Professionals. When someone moves to the area, the group provides a Welcome Wagon. The group also supports community charities. This networking group is focused on making a difference in the community. For the members of the group, it has helped them to grow their business and has led to friendships. The money the group brings in goes to charities. 

The group is comprised of business leaders offering a range of services. If anyone needs an electrician or realtor, the group has a representative. Ted, a realtor & a P&C agent started the group eight years ago. Now, there are over 20 members, each representing a specialty offering. The members of the group are committed to helping each other succeed and to giving back to the community. 

Ted feels blessed. Gratitude is the heart of faith. Ted’s generosity of spirit is rooted in his faith & desire to give back

Ted also gets his clients involved in charitable activities. 

For Ted’s family what is important is helping:

– Children through the local Y.

– Cancer survivors through the local hospital

– Their Church.

Community Engagement has helped Ted to prosper in business and experience fulfillment for himself & the people he cares about.