WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2020 • 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

According to the registered social worker and psychotherapist Gregory Koval, we’re all emotional beings and emotion plays a major role in how we respond to uncertainty. High performers know both themselves and their clients.

In this Wednesday´s episode of How to Thrive in a Time of Uncertainty Webinar Series, Greg Koval focused on the psychology of both entrepreneurs and clients under conditions of uncertainty, in conversation with Keita Demming, PhD, Head of Development & Innovation, and myself (Norm Trainor, Founder & CEO of The Covenant Group).

Questions covered during the session

  • How people are affected by uncertainty. 
  • How emotions can help or hinder our performance. 
  • How intentional practices can help address uncertainty.
  • How to best frame problem-solving under conditions of uncertainty. 
  • How uncertainty affects the psychology of your clients.


Gregory Koval
Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist at Hospital and Private Practice


Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor
Founder & CEO

To contribute to the growth of a learning organization, yours and mine.

Keita Demming

Keita Demming, PhD
Development & Innovation
Generating added value to drive new and existing relationships.